Hello there!

I’m Babeth, a freelance illustrator with 20 years experience in the industry, of which 13+ years as a Freelance Illustrator. When I started I had so many questions and worries. It was honestly lonely and quite scary!

I have been in your shoes and I know exactly how hard and confusing it can be to figure things out when contemplating a career in Illustration or starting one. After more than a decade as a professional illustrator, I felt called to help other aspiring illustrators who might feel the same way and this is why I started to mentor. It doesn’t have to be as hard and scary for you!

I am a very empathic and warm person and people usually find it easy to connect with me on all sorts of subjects and levels of depth. I am an attentive and curious listener and I love nothing more than to help people reach their potential, that’s probably the INFJ in me 🙂

Do you feel confused about where to start, how to build your portfolio? Do you wonder if your work is any good, what your strengths are, how you could improve and if you even stand a chance as an illustrator? Do you lack self-confidence and don’t know if you are on the right path?

This is where I can help you. You don’t have to go through this all alone. As my mentee, you’ll have my undivided attention. You’ll get insights and advices, personalized feedback on your portfolio, career development, how and where to promote your work, feedback about client or personal projects, guidance on pricing, working with agents, and so much more.

Depending on your budget and your needs, there are 4 ways you can connect with me, outlined below.

I’ve also put a little info about me so you can see if you and I might be a good fit, a video where I explain a little more about my background and why I mentor, and some testimonials at the end of this page, so you can decide if my offer is for you.

If you think I can help you, send me an email with the filled-in questionnaire right below and we’ll get started!


I’m from Paris where I graduated in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Visual communication and Art History at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Boulle, Efficom and La Sorbonne in 2005. I live and work in Berlin since 2007. I’m very passionate about illustration and I have been mentoring since 2,5 years now. It has been extremely inspiring and enriching, and I want to continue sharing my knowledge and experience to help you feel less lost, provide structure, and support you on your path to becoming a professional illustrator.

  • I work in the industry since 20 years, of which 13 years as a Freelance Illustrator.
  • I’m represented by Illustration Division in NYC and Tiphaine Illustration in Paris.
  • I have been a Guest Lecturer at UDK in Berlin in the Illustration course.
  • My work was featured in VOGUE, Forbes, The LA Times, Harper’s Bazaar
  • My clients include Architectural Digest, Marie Claire, ELLE Decor, O The Oprah Magazine, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Guerlain, Bare Minerals, L’Occitane, Tiffany & Co, and many more.

I hope I get the chance to meet you and your work, and help you follow your dreams like I did mine!

Illustration MENTORSHIP Program


You might have issues with a particular client, a project, or with invoicing, pricing. It could also be related to how and where to promote your work, potential clients, marketing strategies, work-life balance, workspace, skills improvement or questions about freelancing, mental health as a freelance creative and so much more.

This options allows you to quickly get in touch with me and get a professional and personalized answer on any question you might have.

This offer include:

• One email answering anything you ask me relating to illustration



Only 6 spots per month

You are building your online Illustration portfolio, or you already have one. You come from another industry and are switching careers, so you need to know how to adapt your existing portfolio. You already are an illustrator but you don’t get the projects or the clients you want.

Whatever your situation is, this option allows you to get a personalized, professional and detailed analysis of your work and your portfolio, suggestions to build/ improve it, and ways to move forward.

Email me a link to your website, or if you don’t have one yet, 10-15 images of your work and I’ll send you my detailed feedback per email.

This offer includes:

• One detailed Portfolio review per email



Only 4 spots per month

You are ready to bring your career to the next level but feel a little lost. You need help and a little structure to reach your goals. You come from another industry and want to switch careers but you don’t know if you should. You already are an illustrator but you don’t get the projects or the clients you want.

Whatever your situation is, this option allows you to get spend one hour with me and ask everything that you want, and get some personalised guidance on your career and what could be the next steps for you.

Send me an email and we’ll set up a date. 

This offer includes:

• One 1h virtual meeting



Only 5 spots for Spring-Summer 2023 Apply until March 29th 2023.

You want to invest in your career in the long term and are ready to commit to dedicate time and energy to bring it to the next level within the next 6 months. You have the motivation but lack self-confidence. You know you have what it takes but you feel tired and/or scared of doing it all alone.

I can provide the guidance and structure that you need, and help you develop your career in a direction that is aligned with who you are as an illustrator and as a person. I will advise you on current projects, suggest ways to move forward with your style, your skills, and help you elevate your portfolio. I will follow you closely for 6 months which I believe will have a real impact on your approach to Illustration and as a result, to your career. 

I’ll help you with:

• Feedback on current projects, client + personal work
• Skills, practice + ways to move forward with your style
• Feedback on website/portfolio
• Learning how to negotiate, price your work, contracts,
• How and where to promote your portfolio

I’ll also teach you how to shift your mindset and build more self-confidence and resilience.

Apply until March 29th 2023, only 5 spots available.

All levels of experience welcome! If you are one of my former mentee, you’ll get a reduction on the price if you already got a portfolio review from me.

Email me with the filled-in questionnaire and I’ll choose 5 candidates to start Early April. If you have any additional question or concern don’t hesitate to email me!

This offer includes:

• One written portfolio review at the start of the mentorship

• One monthly virtual meeting for 6 months

• Two Ask Me Anything emails per month for 6 months

• One final virtual meeting at the end to wrap things up + a written summary per email



Babeth’s portfolio review and 1-on-1 sessions were amazing. Her feedback was hugely beneficial and inspirational. She was also incredibly kind and easy to talk to; answering all my questions on ways I could update and organise my portfolio site, finding my personal style and what to know when working with an agent. I loved that she summed up her feedback afterwards and sent a copy to me. I’ve referred back to it many times. Babeth really went above and beyond. I felt she was very thoughtful, considerate and attentive throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend signing up for her programs.


As a freelance illustrator, I was ready to take my illustration career to the next level but felt overwhelmed by all the potential avenues. I needed guidance on simplifying my services and conveying my personality, illustration skills, and strengths on my website and social media platforms to attract more clients and projects I enjoyed. Babeth’s insight and personalised resources, from a creative and business perspective, have been invaluable in helping me reach these goals. My most significant gift was to “go for it” with Babeth’s professional service. After stumbling in the dark for years, I could finally stop wondering “if I was doing it right”. With renewed confidence, I’ve been more selective in my portfolio pieces, resulting in more intentional, exciting and explorative work, not to mention landing a few dream clients!


I’ve long admired Babeth’s work. When I saw she was offering mentoring I couldn’t believe my luck. I had just been laid off of my fashion design job, was exploring art but dealing with massive imposter syndrome.  Babeth not only gave me incredibly useful advice on my art, she took the time to research me before meeting me. I could tell from the start her sole focus was to make the time I had with her as beneficial to me as possible. She broke down my art, pointing out the strongest and the bits that felt forced. As a new artist, this feedback is crucial and gives you a sense of where to go. Years later I reference her advice often.  As I said to my boyfriend’s dad after meeting her when he asked how it was,  ‘Best money I have ever spent!